WinDesign Suite

WinDesign : a modular software suite providing 3 modules, based on a scalable common repository, for Informations Systems analysis and design.

  WinDesign Business Process IS Mapping

Intended for Business analysts for business processes and organizational structures modeling and to IT architects for IT systems, applications and infrastructure modeling.
WinDesign Business Process enables the design of all the angles of view of the Information System and the analysis of each local or transverse impact, at any level.  


 WinDesign Database

Intended for analysts and database managers, for database analysis, design and reverse engineering.


  WinDesign Object

Intended for projects managers and IT developers, to specify static and dynamic points of views of an application or a system, using the diagrams and languages recommended by UML.


The meta model of WinDesign is fully configurable and allows adaptation to many methodologies and implementation of specific best practices.

The standard settings provided can cover all the points of view of Enterprise Architecture.
Specific additional settings (meta models, templates, ...) can be dedicated to the implementation of proven and standardized modeling techniques, such as I.S urbanization, TOGAF, ... or of a ITIL® processes repository for managing IT services.

The functions of administration, meta-model settings, documentation, intranet publishing, queries on the repository, are integrated in all the modules of WinDesign and do not require the purchase of additional modules.
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