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In the context of  Information Systems modeling, the types of objects being described are numerous and specific depending on viewing angles covered.
One can therefore build a single repository or specialized and communicating repositories.
We can mention one or several repositories related to :

  • Data : data description (conceptual, logical, physical) stored and used by computer applications
  • Business activities : description of business processes, exchanges, flows, actors, organization, ... involved in the functioning of the activities of the "business" domains of the company.
  • Software applications : description of the application assets of the company, technical characteristics, structure and use, ...
  • IT infrastructure : description of computers, connections, localization, use, hosting, ...

All these points of view must communicate and allow to pass from the "business" vision to that of the IT.

Sharing a common repository

WinDesign's repository

The repository of WinDesign allows :

  • The storing of all the modeled objects with their inter relations
  • The uniqueness of naming of the objects with their descriptive characteristics
  • The re-use of objects in different diagrams
  • The instantaneous propagation of modifications in the objects definition

A repository is therefore the foundation of an efficient information system modeling tool, ensuring consistency, traceability, sharing of information and easiness of evolution.


Open and customizable repository

WinDesign's repository is fully defined and driven by the meta model. Therefore, its variable and open contents enables to customize at any moment :

  • The objects types and stereotypes
  • The descriptive characteristics of the objects
  • The links between the objects types/stereotypes (allowing semantics)
  • The impact analysis between the objects

This capability allows the user to see only the concepts explicitly used (and not the physical structure of the database).
The meta model supplied as standard covers all the viewing angles of the information system modelings and can be adapted according to  methodologies and formalisms used.

The meta model customization features are available in the standard version of WinDesign and do not require any additional module.
The management function of WinDesign enables to grant access rights to the customization features.


A dynamic view

WinDesign's repository is displayed in a dynamic way according to the context of use.
By default, the repository displays the list of all the objects contained in the diagrams of the current workspace.
Each project can therefore create its own view of the repository according to its needs.

According to the nature of his work, the user can build for instance a repository to display the list of :

  • Diagrams of different types corresponding to a project (business process, application & services mapping, businness data, ...)
  • All the diagrams of the same type (all the data models, ...)
  • All the validated diagrams (administrator's view)
  • ...

Main features directly associated with the repository

A permanent view of the repository
The repository of WinDesign is available and can be displayed permanently in the window as a hierarchical tree, with the objects organized by type and stereotype. In addition to the identity of the object, the tree repository mentions all the diagrams in which the object is represented (allowing single-click access to graphics) and provides cross-references of the object with other objects related (with semantic link).

Integrity management of the objects
Any object of WinDesign can be defined either from its pop up dialog (without graphic representation) or at the time of its graphic creation. The same object can be represented several times in the same diagram and in different diagrams.
Referential integrity management is launched at the creation of the object or as the name is modified and as a link is created between the objects.

Re-use of the objects
The management of the integrity of definition in the repository involves the reuse of existing objects : no double definition, no object having the same name and a different meaning.
WinDesign enables, immediatly and in all contexts, to insert an existing object in a diagram (copy-paste, drag & drop from the repository list, ...).
This object re-use is obvious for the user through the permanent availability  of the repository, its ease of access and management functions of the objects.


A common repository

By definition, the repository must be accessible and sharable by all (according to the access grantings).
WinDesign provides many features that facilitate the sharing of the repository :

As soon as the diagram is updated, all the objects (created or modified) are available for the users of WinDesign. A repository refresh mechanism (triggered automatically or not) enables the refresh of each workstation.

Access conflicts
In addition to the access grantings management, WinDesign manages simultaneous access at the diagram level, with a models locking mechanism.
Another function enables the ponctual extraction of a part of the workspace (diagrams) by a user, without repository locking. As the diagrams are re-integrated, a diagnosis function is launched. If modifications are in conflict with the state of the repository, the consolidation function can be used to make a diagnosis and to consolidate these differences.

Consolidation and versioning
WinDesign provides a function for comparing diagrams (common objects) to detect all the differences with the validated repository.
The wizard enables then to carry out an arbitration, a validation and a consolidation of the versions


Management of the access granting ...

The network license of WinDesign provides all the features to manage the security access to its repository.
Each object has its own management informations.

Gestion des droits d'accès


The repository is also used for ...

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