WinDesign Database page

Intended for analysts and database managers, for database analysis, design and reverse engineering.

WinDesign : Module DATABASE

  • Conceptual data models (Merise/2)
  • Logical data models
  • Physical data models, for major relational DBMS's

Main features

  • Conceptual data modeling
  • Logical data modeling
  • Automatic generation CDM <--> LDM  / LDM <--> CDM
  • Generation of ready-to-use SQL scripts by specifying proprietary DBMS parameters
  • AutomatIc generation of class diagrams (UML) from the conceptual or logical data model (WinDesign Object module required)
  • Automatic generation of a conceptual or logical data model from a class diagram (WinDesign Object module required)
  • Automatic arrangement feature of the generated diagrams
  • Document deliverables (rtf files)
  • Web publication for an efficient project communication

View a web site generated with WinDesign Database


Links between the modules of the suite

Whatever module of WinDesign is used, it is always possible to copy an object coming from another type of model or from another module. The reuse of the object will then be done through a "shortcut".

WinDesign Database and Object ...
WinDesign Database can work with the Object module, via the automatic function of CDM or LDM generation, from a class diagram.

WinDesign Database and Business Process Cartographie SI  ...
Some of the objects of WinDesign Database can be invoked in WinDesign Business Process, particularly :

  • Data views (subset of a data model)
  • External views (external structuration and datas composition)
  • Business rules
  • Informations