UML modeling

WinDesign Object Module

Intended for projects managers and IT developers, to specify static and dynamic points of views of an application or a system, through diagrams and languages recommended by UML.

WinDesign : Module OBJECT

Modeling with WinDesign Object

Specifications from a dynamic point of view

  • Use case diagrams
  • Activity diagrams
  • Colloboration diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams

Specifications from a static point of view

  • Class diagrams
  • State diagrams
  • Components diagrams

Automated generations

  • Of Conceptual or Logical Models (managed by Database) from Class diagrams
  • Of Class Diagrams from Conceptual or Logical Models (managed by Database)
  • Automatic arrangement feature of the generated diagrams

Language generator

WinDesign Object provides a language generator, fully user-customizable.
XML import/export.



As all the modules of WinDesign Suite, Object enables the generation of document deliverables in rtf format and in HTML format for the intranet publication.


Links between the modules of WinDesign Suite

In WinDesign, it is always possible to copy an object coming from another type of model or from another module, whatever module is used.
The reuse of the object will then be done through a "shortcut".

Windesign module object