Query system

A powerfull and easy to use queries system

WinDesign provides a queries function (integrated), which does not require any prior knowledge and does not use a computer language.
This queries system enables search on the objects contained in the models.
Queries can cover both the characteristics of objects, as well as the links between them.
The queries system works by browsing on the meta-model.

Queries are displayed as a tree list, in the workspace window (queries tab).

Wizard for queries creation

A queries library is supplied as standard.
The user can modify the standard queries or create new ones, that can be saved
Queries files, coming from different sources, can be imported or exported.


Search expression

WinDesign being fully based on a flexible meta model, the available objects (displayed in a hierarchical tree list) are consequently those of the explicit meta model (notions handled by the user).

Expression of selection criteria
A wizard helps the user to defining each criterion (evaluation of a characteristic value, comparison of several characteristics, ...) or a combination of criteria with logical operators.

Navigation through links
From an object type, it is possible to navigate the meta model to access linked objects and apply other criteria for the existence or not of these links.
One can thus express complex queries involving multiple objects.


Query execution and results display

The results of the query are displayed in a window with a tree of objects that meet the criteria and a table containing their characteristics selected for the display.
Query results can be displayed as a matrix.

From these results, it is possible to :

  • Reach the objects in the diagrams
  • Drag & drop the objects in the diagrams
  • Modify in the table (one by one or batch processing) the values of the objects characteristics
  • Export all or a part of the results as : XML, HTM files (to insert the queries results in the intranet publication) or Txt (CSV) files.

Query conversion into editing query

A function is available in the pop up menu to instantaneously convert a query into an editing query, usable in the publisher.