WinDesign provides a publisher (integrated) to produce the document deliverables.

The documentation can be generated for all the models at a time or for a selection (access from the pop up menu of the object).

How does it work ...
The publisher is based on the queries system to extract the objects from the repository and on a configuration for the customization of the form and the content of the document deliverables.


Fully customizable document deliverables ...
A set of standard editions are provided with a dedicated presentation. The documentation can therefore be generated directly from the provided templates.
The layout models of the Editions are defined with a text editor.
They correspond to a setting for formatting refunds elements extracted by the query system. This allows full customization, in content and in form.
Keywords are inserted into the model, corresponding to the characteristics of the objects of WinDesign to insert and format in accordance with the desired presentation.

Additional options allow you to insert :

  • cover pages
  • headers and footers
  • a table of contents and index
  • legend of objects types

Definition files editions can be imported/exported to enrich the catalog of editions.


Intranet publication ...
WinDesign also provides a function (integrated) for web publication.
More ...