Mapping your Information System with WinDesign

WinDesign : a single module for all mappings

No prior constraint of graphic layout

>> Create the objects without graphic representation or import your existing data ...
As part of the IS mapping and particularly to map the application and software assets, there are often inventories that have been done in Excel for instance.
The import wizard enables to recover files under different formats :
   - CSV and XML : with helper and correspondence of the columns with the meta-model of WinDesign
   - Visio : import of the diagrams, formating in WinDesign and conversion of the objects in the repository
   - BPMN2.0 : standard (OMG) for detailled process modeling

Benefits ...

  • Gain time ...
  • Thanks to the import wizard, you can create, save and therefore reuse your import templates, containing all the sections of importation
  • Choose your best way to create the objects without graphic representation, according to the type of object : dialog box or creation of the links via a matrix

Automatic generation of the graphic map

>> Use one of the automatic templates, available in the templates library of diagrams and models.

These automatic templates provide a device of dynamic display area, which will automatically extract objects from the repository for display in a pre-defined area.
Dynamic display allows to embed dynamic areas and therefore to display several depth levels, in included areas.
For instance, for IS urbanization : areas, districts, blocks, functions, applications
For instance, for business mapping : Macro-process, process, sub-process

Benefits ...

  • High productivity thanks automatic graphical representation
  • A wide choice of pre-defined automatic templates, covering the whole IS mappings
  • Amendable and customizable templates library

Automatic updates of your mappings

>> Rerun the dynamic template
The re-execution of the dynamic template allows you to update all your diagrams, after addition or modification of the objects contained.

Benefits ...

  • No loss of time on the graphical layout
  • Your mappings always up do date

Publication of your mappings

1 click to generate your intranet documentation  !
The intranet publisher of WinDesign is integrated (no need of additional module).
The intranet documentation can be generated for all or part of the workspace, or for several workspaces.
This publication can be adjusted according to the content and/or to whom it is intended for.
The generation is done via a XML export feature and a layout with XSL files.
Many options for presentation and formating, let you customize your publications.

Benefits ...

  • A personalized intranet documentation
  • A publication that can be accessed by an unlimitated number of users
  • A published result requiring no special technical environment