Infrastructure mapping

Infrastructure modeling describes the architecture of the IT technical infrastructure, mainly composed of interconnected hardwares.
These hardwares are provided with basic softwares and host applications and databases.
They are also described by many technical characteristics and can be located on different sites.

The lack of standards for these modelings, leads to a large variety of types of representation, many of which fall under the illustrative graphics.
However, we often find the following view angles :

  • Interconnection equipment and network mapping
  • Descriptive mapping of a hardware
  • Mapping of organizational distribution

Interconnections mapping
This type of mapping describes the hardware and their interconnections.
Depending on the context, this mapping will highlight :

  • The general architecture of inter-site network
  • The network architecture of a site with its main hardwares


Hardware description mapping
This type of mapping is used to describe the contents of a hardware (server, mainframe, ...) from different angles :

  • user applications and hosted databases
  • software system components
  • ...

Other various characteristics of the hardware can also be described in this mapping.

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