Functional process mapping

The functional mapping shows the Information System in terms of computerized processing needed for business processes and implemented by IT applications

Thus, the functional mapping expresses the relationship between :

  • Users business activities
  • Providers IT applications

The functional mapping usually implemented includes :

  • Functional urbanization
  • Functional decomposition of an application
  • Functional decomposition of a business process

Functional urban planning
As all other urbanization mappings, the map of functional urbanization presents a global and structured view of the whole IT functionalities of the organization.

The principles of IS urbanization recommend a hierachical structuration in areas, districts and blocks.

The breakdown function of WinDesign will be used  to describe the different levels of urbanization : areas and districts, districts and blocks (or functionnalities).
In practice, a large correspondence will often be found between the functional urbanization and the modelings of application urbanization.


Functionality decomposition and detailed description
In the same way as in the decomposition performed in the business approach, a function can also be detailed in functionnalities.
The functional linking with the procedure can also be described.


Functional mapping of an application
The association between an application and its functionalities, can be made ​​either in conjunction with the description of the application (application mapping) or from the functional mapping, in conjunction with the description of the functionality.


Functional mapping of a process
This type of diagram shows the various functionalities associated with a process, procedure, or a business operatiion, depending on the degree of detail.
It reflects the computerized processing corresponding to business activities. These functionalities express as the case :

  • The functional requirements "users" to be provided by the application
  • The functionalities of an application used in the context of a business activity

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