Business Process mapping

Describing processes

A process is a chronological sequence of related activities, induced by one (or several) start event(s) and producing one (or several) result(s)

  • The process is usually dedicated to a business object associated with the start event (for instance : Order management process - Start event : receipt of the order form - Business object : order form)
  • While in progress, a process can activate other processes
  • A process works for and with external actors and stakeholders within the company
  • A process uses human, technical and informational resources

Various approaches
Process control has now become a requirement, first through the quality process (ISO 9001 – 2000), then for a global approach inducing to know, master and manage the processes, with the goal of rigor, flexibility and performance, and finally, with the emergence of new IT tools (Business Process Management), focusing on process automation.


Various standard of description
Through the customizing capabilities of its meta model, WinDesign enables the use of every kind of formalism, describing activities and their organization.

As standard, WinDesign provides a formalism which synthetises the current ones. The BPMN, Merise and OSSAD formalisms are also provided.


Business process modeling levels
WinDesign Business Process offers a pre-defined structuration in five business mapping levels, based on a hierarchical breakdown
Each level can be subject of different diagrams, often proposed as templates (context, exchanges, association between mappings, ...).


WinDesign : Business process modeling levels


Complementary concepts
Some complementary concepts are integrated into all levels of maps or are the subject of specific mappings, such as rules, objectives, management indicators, risks, ...
See the Risk mapping with WinDesign

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