Business Process & Information System mapping

WinDesign Business Process Cartographie SI : a single module covering all I.S mappings
WinDesign : module Business Process Cartographie SI

Intended for Business analysts for the modeling of business processes and organizational structures and IT architects for the modeling of IT systems, applications and infrastructure.
This module allows you to represent all points of view of Information Systems and analyze any local or transverse impact, at all levels.


Integrated modeling environment, pre-configured and ready for use

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly graphical interface
  • Modeling templates library
  • Modeling wizards
  • Automatic functions for creation and graphic layout of the objects
  • Structured around a repository
  • Open and customizable repository
  • Queries system working on the meta model browsing
  • Impact analysis
  • Document deliverables. Customizable layout and content
  • Integrated publisher for intranet publication

Create and keep up to date your IS mappings with just a few click !

1 - Import your data
2 - Choose an automatic modeling template
3 - Run automatic generation

Business Data modeling with the Business Process module

Business Data modeling
Business data or informations can be described from the business process mappings, through flows (content), documents, business rules, external views, ...
The content of these objects can be described as structured elementary informations (group of informations)
The business data catalog is thus created, as and from the description of the objects in which those informations are contained.
The elementary informations and structures are reusable and can be reassociated in every context.

Database mapping
Databases are referred to in the mappings of applications and services and IT infrastructure.
They can also be described in a separate mapping, in which they will then be described in more detail
The content of the modelings done with the Database module of WinDesign can be reused in the Business Process module.

Database description
What was already modeled in other mappings can be shown in the database description, as for instance the associated business objects, applications using the databases, the hosting infrastructure.
The main logical tables of the database can also be described. This description is of course less detailed and less specialized than that made with the Database module.
Tables can also be associated with the applications, in order to be more precise about the actions performed by the applications on the data.
In the case of joint use with the Database module, one will refer to the logical structure of the database described in this module.

Depending on the degree of detail, all impact analyzes can be done on elementary data or on data structures, to assess their context of use.
Those impacts can be analyzed directly through cross-references or in a more elaborated way from specialized queries via the query system.

Impact analysis

Through its repository and its modeling structure, WinDesign enables to associate concepts of different mappings.
For instance : applications used by a process, computer equipement of an organizational unit, functionalities required by a procedure, completion of a functionality by an application, ...

These links enable directly or via the query system, to assess any impact of a modeled element or subset, on all the maps.

Share and publish your mappings ...

The integrated publisher (no acquisition of additional module) enables the web publication of the complete workspace, of a part of it or of several workspaces.This publication can be adjusted according to the content and/or to whom it is intended for.