Business Architecture : organization

Points addressed
This mapping tackles the different points of view of the company's organization, and especially :

  • The structuration in Organizational Units
  • The geographical repartition in sites
  • The operating organization chart
  • The roles and responsibilities of organizational structures

Most of the concepts modeled in these mappings can be found in the other mappings (business, applications and technical).

Business Units - Organization chart
This type of diagram is a classic one. It describes the structure of the organization in terms of Organizational Units (direction, department, service, unit, ...).

The hierarchical breakdown capabilities of WinDesign enable a drill-down representation of hierarchical structures.


Some organizations are spread over several sites.
This mapping is used to represent such a distribution, which can be macroscopic (global, national) or detailed (building, floor).


Organizational units (internal actors) are involved in the functioning of procedures as roles (see operations mappings).
A cartography of the roles shows the roles provided by the different Organizational Units.


WinDesign : carte des diagrammes de l'organisation

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Business Architecture : Organization

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