Application mapping

The computarized part of the Information System is based mainly on a set of IT connecting applications.

The progressive increase in the number and diversity of these applications, as well as in their inter relations, made their management more and more complex. In order to drive their development, IT managers must based their work on the modeling of the applications assets.
These modelings can address the entire application portfolio, under different viewing angles.

IT city plans
This mapping gives a high-level structural view of the whole of the IT applications assets of the organization.
WinDesign : IT City plans


Mapping of inter-application exchanges
These mappings represent the various connections and exchanges between :

  • IT applications with the others
  • IT applications with the external environment

WinDesign : mapping of inter-application exchanges


Description of an application
This mapping will describe different views of the components of the application : functions, software components, datas, technical environment, ...
It will also enables to give informations about various characteristics of the application.
Additional customizable descriptive characteristics are defined in  WinDesign Business ProcessCartographie SI  through the extended characteristics. These characteristics are accessible in a list in the intranet publishing.


Detailed description of an application
If necessary, this description can be done in several diagrams reflecting different views of the application.

WinDesign : détail des points d'entrée pour un bloc applicatif

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